Three Ways An Alarm With A Intercom Saves You Time On A Daily Basis

17 December 2017
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Alarm systems for the home are created to keep the family safe. Even if you live in a neighborhood that is safe, with no break-ins, alarms tend to be a good home purchase. Many home insurers offer a discount for those who have upgraded home security. Alarm systems for the home have the ability to do more than just let you know if someone attempts to break into the home. Many security systems allow you to view and actually speak to the person who is at your door. Here are three ways that a house alarm with a speaker system saves you time on an average day. 

1. Know if it is someone who is locked out

It is not uncommon for someone who lives in the home to lose or forget their keys. If you have children or teens, they may leave in the morning and forget to take their keys with them to school. If this happens, someone who is at the home can answer the intercom from where they are and determine who the buzzer is. Once you find out that it is one of the kids, you can get information on where they left their keys and answer the door with their door entry keys in hand to save time for later. 

2. Get immediate updates if it is an emergency

Answering the door in the middle of the night can be a scary proposition. If the doorbell rings in the late night or early morning hours, being able to talk through the intercom will let you know if it is an accidental arrival or if there is actually an emergency. When the person buzzing your intercom is a friend or family member letting you know about an emergency, you can get ready before you head to the door in the event that you need to leave the home due to an emergency situation. 

3. Instructions can be dictated for drop-offs

It is common to get packages and have the delivery personnel come and ring the doorbell. One added bonus that you receive from having an intercom buzzing system is speaking directly to the delivery person with instructions. If you have your hands full with the kids or if you are working in your home office and cannot step away immediately, you may not be able to put everything down to go to the door. With an intercom, you can let the delivery person know where to leave the package. 

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