3 Cool Features Of A Smart Thermostat You Need To Know

19 October 2017
 Categories: Technology, Blog


The idea of a "smart" home is that the home is intelligent enough to function efficiently with as little human input as possible. There's everything from smart appliances to smart electric-powered devices for the home, but there is one device that often does not get a lot of recognition: a smart thermostat. Because the thermostat is designed to control the HVAC system, making it smart is a logical thing to do. With connectivity to Wifi and a little user instruction, these devices can drastically change how you view heating and cooling your home. Check out a few cool features of some of the best smart thermostats you can buy. 

Password Protection

How many times have you complained to your children for touching the thermostat? How often does your significant other change the thermostat and forget to put it back? If you have warned your household members that you were going to put a lock on the thermostat, a smart model could be just what you need instead. Many of these models actually give you the option to protect your thermostat settings with a password. Therefore, without the proper input password, no one will be able to adjust the thermostat with just the touch of a button. 

Motion-Detecting ECO Mode

Imagine this: Your thermostat detects when you leave the house so it adjusts the temperature so the system does not kick on as often. You come back home and the thermostat senses your presence and reverts back to your preferred settings. Thermostats that have a motion-detecting ECO mode can do just this, so you basically do nothing and reap savings every month because your home is only heated or cooled when it has to be. Of course, this mode can be turned off or overridden when you want your home to stay a consistent temperature whether you're home or not. 

Detailed Usage and Cycle Reports

Think about how easy it would be to pinpoint when your HVAC system is running and when it is turned off. With some smart thermostats, you actually can get a detailed report of HVAC system cycles for prior usage during the previous months. There are a handful of reasons why getting cycling reports by logging into your thermostat's interface would be helpful. If you want to estimate how much power you will use over the summer for heating and cooling, for example, this information could be highly valuable to you. 

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