The Modern Business And Sensitive Electronics: 3 Electrical Improvements To Protect Your Equipment And Reduce Downtime

27 August 2017
 Categories: Technology, Blog


If your business full of electrical devices and gadgets? Most modern businesses have more electronics than ever before, which also include equipment like computers and automation control systems. This also means that there are more things that can be damaged or cause you headaches when you have a problem with the electrical systems. Here are some electrical improvements that will protect the electronics in your modern business:

1. Installing UPS Systems to Avoid Problems with Power Surges and Power Outages

Does your business rely on servers and IT equipment for everyday operations? Have you ever experienced a power outage that caused data loss, equipment failure or other problem? Even if you do not rely on an in-house data center and IT department, you have probably experienced some similar problems with power outages during business hours. Power interruption problems can easily be solved with the installation of a UPS system. A UPS is a device that has built-in surge-protection and batteries, which will provide you with power for a short amount of time when the power goes out. Smaller UPS systems will give you enough time to save documents on a workstation PC, while larger units can provide power for computers or other electrical equipment for several hours.

2. Add Built-in Surge Protection to Anywhere You Have Electrical Equipment in Your Business

Have you ever had equipment struck by lightning? The power surges cause serious damage to equipment, which are often damaged beyond repair and costly to replace. When you are having your electrical systems updated, install outlets with built-in surge protection to protect your expensive equipment. In addition, they can also install breakers with built-in surge protection, timers and other features for mechanical systems and any equipment in your business that is hardwired.

3. Investing in A Standby Generator to Insure You Always Have Uninterrupted Power

If you want to have infinite uninterrupted electrical service for your business, you will need to have a standby generator installed. These are special backup generators that switch on whenever there is a power outage. Unlike UPS device, generators do not use batteries and will continuously provide power as long as they have fuel. The gas generators can be installed with a connection to gas lines from utility services, so they never run out of fuel.

If you want to protect the electronics and technology in your business, upgrades are a good idea to prevent costly repairs and headaches. The systems like UPS units and standby generators are not maintenance free and will need to be maintained. Contact a business equipment maintenance service to ensure your business is never interrupted by power outages. They can help with designing a plan to eliminate down time and improvements to help manage your business  systems more efficiently.