Strengthening Your Fledgling Trucking Company

24 August 2017
 Categories: Technology, Blog


As trucks joined your fleet, your fledgling trucking company may have found success earlier than you anticipated. Being busy all the time is fantastic, but for sustained profitability and growth, you need to ensure efficiency and good communication with clients and drivers. Strengthen your trucking business in the ways below.

Invest in Trucking Software

Your small trucking company can benefit from software made specifically for trucking companies. You may think that the company isn't large enough to need software, especially if everything is working fine, but you should check out everything software can offer you. Software can alleviate stress and help improve the entire company in many ways.

For instance, without software formulated for trucking companies, you might dread client calls about where their shipment is. You probably have to call the driver, who may not answer or provide a vague idea of their location. With software enabled, you may be able to use GPS to pinpoint where they are right away and pass that on to your client.

Another important reason to start using some kind of trucking company software is that it permits you to track and monitor operator driving logs. This is essential because your drivers can only stay on the road for a set amount of hours according to federal guidelines, and with software, you can see who is about to surpass the limit and who can stand to pick up extra hours. This allows you to spread out work and keep drivers from burning themselves out.

Software can also help you remember when each truck needs to be serviced, providing alerts for oil changes and other wellness checks.

Try demos and software trials to examine the differences in available software platforms before making a decision. You might want to have a few operators try software too so they're able to give you their impressions and feedback.

Add Additional Operator Training

A Commercial Driving License (CDL) is a basic requirement when hiring a driver for your business. However, once you've hired operators, it's vital that you provide even more training. They can drive, but it's important that your drivers know how to conduct themselves on the road and with clients. For instance, you may train them on radio communication, talking with clients, knowing when they should pull over and even healthy eating, Additional training allows you to hold your drivers to a higher standard that will set your trucking company apart from similar businesses.

Your trucking company thrives when drivers are better trained and software can enable greater efficiency. Talk with trucking organizations and software vendors for guidance.