What Is Ultrasonic Sound Used For?

22 August 2017
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Ultrasonic sound is used by both animals and humans in different ways, such as navigation and cleaning. If you are unsure if ultrasonic sound is something you may benefit from, check out these common ultrasonic sound uses.

Medical Applications

One of the most common uses of ultrasonic sound is in the medical field. This is commonly referred to as an ultrasound. Ultrasounds use ultrasonic sound to look at your internal organs without surgery. Ultrasound is an extremely common procedure for pregnant women. This is because ultrasound is safe for both mother and baby, and it allows the doctor and parents to see the baby inside the womb.

However, it isn't only pregnant women who may experience ultrasound. Typically, if you complain about pain or discomfort in your abdomen, expect an ultrasound because it is such a cheap, easy and painless way to look at your internal organs. While it can't spot everything, it is an excellent starting point, and it can spot problems like gallstones, kidney stones, appendicitis, internal growths and obstructions in your heart or blood vessels.

Sonar Technology

Another extremely common use of ultrasonic sound is to create sonar technology. Sonar technology works like natural sonar found in dolphins, bats and other animals. Of course, animals can use sonar naturally. The animals make a sound and when the vibrations return, the animal gets a picture of what is in front of them, so they can avoid danger.

Like many technologies, sonar technology was largely a military technology. In particular, sonar is extremely great on submarines. Underwater, it's hard to see where you are going in a submarine, so like a dolphin, the submarine uses sonar to detect what is before it. However, sonar is also used in the private sector. For example, many fishers have sonar technology to spot fish under the water.

Advanced Cleaning

Ultrasonic sound is also a common to clean advanced or delicate machinery and items. It's particularly good at cleaning ceramics, glass and metal without causing damage. One common use of ultrasonic cleaning is to clean jewelry. The dirt and grime that builds in jewelry is hard to clean because the piece is usually small. Harsh cleaning may cause damage. Therefore, the jewelry is placed in a device that cleans it with ultrasonic sound.

Ultrasonic sound is also used to clean industrial equipment, cars, planes and anything else that can develop a large buildup of grease, oil and dirt. Ultrasonic waves are used to safely and effectively clean the grime from the machines.

Other Common Uses

Ultrasonic sound can also be used to weld. While it isn't a good option for metal, it does weld plastics together well to create a tight hold. The process is done like welding with a flam, except instead of fire, it uses sound. As the plastic vibrates, it heats up and starts to melt just enough to weld to another piece of plastic. While this is a great way to weld smaller plastic pieces, it isn't always the safest option to weld larger plastic pieces.

The last common use of ultrasonic waves are for security because it can be used in motion detectors. It works the same as sonar by sending out soundwaves and waiting for them to bounce back. However, instead of using these waves to maneuver safely, the motion detector use the waves to tell if something new is on your property or if it is moving closer to your home.

There are many different uses for ultrasonic sound, and it is usually quite safe. If you would like more information regarding the use of ultrasonic sound, contact services like LISNR, INC. in your area today and see how ultrasonic sound can help you.