Marketing Your Business To Asian Countries? Here's Why You Need You Need An APNIC IP Broker

12 May 2016
 Categories: Technology, Blog


When you start growing your business and start seeking customers in different Asian countries, you may want to purchase a dedicated internet protocol (IP) address in one or more countries in order to ensure stability for your company's website. These addresses are administered by APNIC, the Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre, the internet registry. While you are free to purchase IP addresses on your own, it can be a much more complicated process than you expect. Hiring an IP broker who is well-versed in how APNIC works can help you in the following ways.

Finding Addresses to Buy

The first challenge you'll run into when you want to buy a dedicated IP address is finding one that is available for sale. There are a finite number of IP addresses for sale at any given moment, and it can be difficult to find individual sellers in multiple countries who are willing to work with your budget and terms.

Luckily, a good APNIC broker is likely to be aware of and authorized to sell a number of IP addresses. This can make things much easier for you, as they have a portfolio of addresses to choose from.

Navigating Rules in Multiple Countries

If you don't use an APNIC IP broker, disreputable individual sellers may try to take advantage of your inexperience in the region and offer you IP addresses that are not "free and clear" of attachments to another business. Because you don't know the rules in South Korea, China and other countries, it can be difficult for you to determine whether a sale is a good one and to know what your ownership of a particular IP address entails. Having a broker on your side during negotiations can help you to avoid any problems along the way. They can also ensure that you know what your rights are as an IP address holder in the Asian Pacific region.

Currency Issues

Because currency conversion can be different from country to country, getting a bargain on an IP address can be tricky. An IP broker can ensure that you spend an appropriate amount of money and protect you from offering too much for a particular address.

A reputable APNIC IP broker can be a fantastic partner to your business when you're trying to acquire dedicated IP addresses in Asia. Consult a few local brokers to find one that has the experience needed to help you with your Asian sites.